Friday, 24 April 2015

Here I am

Banyak sangat benda nak tulis, nak share, nak cakap, nak tunjuk selama menghilang ni… tapi memang sangat-sangat-sangat busy.

Sometimes, when I have 10min to spare, I just stare on the blank document.. what should I write? Where do I start?

Today, I make my time… there is something I need to get it out of my system.

Yes I must..

Story One – La Familia

My family sedang di uji sekarang ni. Mrs CEO sakit. Bukan demam. News yang sangat-sangat mengejutkan. On the day I get the news, I cried and cried and cried. In the ofc.. really not myself. I was calm when she told the news. Then I told AB over message. AB called me, while I was talking to him suddenly my tears burst. After that I cant hold it anymore. I meet my boss, tell her I want to go home but I was crying while talking to her. Half day then next day I was off too. Sending Mrs President to Mrs CEO house. Mrs Cool keep remind me (in the middle of her tears) to be strong in front Mrs President and Mrs CEO. I said I try. As I know myself, I did it. No tears the whole day. I manage to make both of them smile and talk as usual.
From that day onwards, I’ve been running around Damansara-Bangi-Damansara-Tanjong Karang-Bangi-Damansara like a champion. I’m fine to do it as long as I can make people happy. It’s not a big deal for me.

I am lucky coz AB always support whatever I do. Always willing to help, to be there, to entertain Nana Mrs President and Mrs CEO even we need to spend one whole day standing in the hospital or running around.
I am lucky to work in this place, flexibility that I can’t ever get from other places. The colleague that always willing to help even we are coming from different race or gender or religion.

Lovely isn’t it. How this sickness brings union.

Mrs CEO is still fighting. I pray and pray and pray for her everyday. Pray for everyone that we are strong and will be going through anything coming. Please be strong sister and recover fast and I promise I will accompany you shopping even it is a very hot humid fasting month.


If there is anyone read this, please….. pray for my sister will you

Thank you.