Friday, 24 April 2015

Here I am

Banyak sangat benda nak tulis, nak share, nak cakap, nak tunjuk selama menghilang ni… tapi memang sangat-sangat-sangat busy.

Sometimes, when I have 10min to spare, I just stare on the blank document.. what should I write? Where do I start?

Today, I make my time… there is something I need to get it out of my system.

Yes I must..

Story One – La Familia

My family sedang di uji sekarang ni. Mrs CEO sakit. Bukan demam. News yang sangat-sangat mengejutkan. On the day I get the news, I cried and cried and cried. In the ofc.. really not myself. I was calm when she told the news. Then I told AB over message. AB called me, while I was talking to him suddenly my tears burst. After that I cant hold it anymore. I meet my boss, tell her I want to go home but I was crying while talking to her. Half day then next day I was off too. Sending Mrs President to Mrs CEO house. Mrs Cool keep remind me (in the middle of her tears) to be strong in front Mrs President and Mrs CEO. I said I try. As I know myself, I did it. No tears the whole day. I manage to make both of them smile and talk as usual.
From that day onwards, I’ve been running around Damansara-Bangi-Damansara-Tanjong Karang-Bangi-Damansara like a champion. I’m fine to do it as long as I can make people happy. It’s not a big deal for me.

I am lucky coz AB always support whatever I do. Always willing to help, to be there, to entertain Nana Mrs President and Mrs CEO even we need to spend one whole day standing in the hospital or running around.
I am lucky to work in this place, flexibility that I can’t ever get from other places. The colleague that always willing to help even we are coming from different race or gender or religion.

Lovely isn’t it. How this sickness brings union.

Mrs CEO is still fighting. I pray and pray and pray for her everyday. Pray for everyone that we are strong and will be going through anything coming. Please be strong sister and recover fast and I promise I will accompany you shopping even it is a very hot humid fasting month.


If there is anyone read this, please….. pray for my sister will you

Thank you.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Be Wise?

Salam Maulidur Rasul for all Muslim in the world... Ya Nabi Salamun'alaik. May Rasulullah always live in our heart and life everyday. Amin...

Salam Maulidur Rasul
The day went through as normal for me. Visiting PIL with my mom and AB while on the way to Mrs CEO house. COD Shaklee to her (please refer my contact no for consultation and order). Play with Nana till midnight, repeatedly rearranging jigsaw puzzle with her, hold a 'toys convention' and talking. Hehe... she is a brainer and very talkative for her age. She told me, I want to be an artist when I grow up and also a masterchef. Err.... me and AB was quite worried. But actually what she meant is to be a painter, not actress or singer. LOL... silly me

Today I had a long discussion with boss. Yup! she called me. Been calling me since Saturday but I'm driving then I totally forgot to return her call until today afternoon. She talked about choices she asked me few weeks back. Honestly I've been thinking about that too...

Take it or leave it? I have no idea. Part of it is a good thing, its been my dream to hit it by the time I reach 30. But the responsibilities is huge. What about the offer from my ex-colleague? Qatar not nearby. And it is definitely a huge step to us. With the current situation I think I will stay here.

As I hinted before, my current situation is not easy. I live and enjoy my life as it is. But I wanted it to be more convenient. Not pay to pay basis. I dream of living with free debt. Yes, I'm being very honest now. I admit my mistakes in past. And I'm working hard to fix it now.

My plan now is to pay up and settle my debt. One at a time. If I calculate now roughly, I may be able to settle few and re-arrange for some to be on re-financing by end of 2015. Then maybe there is a chance for me to clear my record and try to purchase a house. That's next in the line. Don't ask me to buy a new car. I wont. What for? My car is in good condition, Alhamdulillah. AB's too. And I walk to office nowadays. I don't need fancy car. I need a good pair of shoes. And umbrella lah... Hehe... So for those who ask me to change car or show me any car advert, well it wont affect me. Someday in future yes but I can say I don't foresee it in the next coming a year or two.

House is another thing. As much as I wish I could have it now, I know that I cant. Clean up my record, and I can work on house later. Its funny when I think back, I try to buy a house when I single last time. Not yet married with AB. But my family was against it. But now, whenever they see me, house and car is what they ask. LOL... and I'm quite disappointed with someone I dearly love. Why it is always me... Why the need of such question... Why... I tried to forget but I cant. I don't know, but for me, I think I deserved to have my own life not arranged. I do everything I could to make everyone around me happy. Is it money that can make her happy, make everyone shut their mouth. Gosh.... I really hate when people act like they know everything and act like they are soooooooo damn good creatures. Please lah... as much as I still have my patience, please don't test my limit.

Respect me a bit even I'm younger. You're older doesn't mean you're wiser.

Sorry for the whining,

Friday, 2 January 2015

Hujan di Petang Hari

Pagi tadi panas... sampai lah dekat pukul 430pm tadi..
Then hujan sangat lebat till I think I cant go back (budak pandai ada payung tapi lupa bawak).

By 7pm, I reach home.
AB was acting as usual. But his grin is suspicious. After I settle down a bit, he said to me that there is something upsetting and move towards 3rd room. Ok.... then he broke the news.

KinKin and Aces both.................
Huh?... that's only what I could say

KinKin in memory

Bobo the lovely boy

Aces (lying on the stomach) and Husky

Immediately the tears roll down and it cant stop.
Half an hour we sat together and cry. He said he noticed around 4pm he couldn't hear them playing. They was kicking and alive by the time I come back for lunch. They were playing happily when he give them treats this morning. I heard that too...

Its frustrating. KinKin has been with us for 2years. Aces is a twin, another one called Husky. Husky is fine. We separate them in different cage. We used to have Bobo too. Bobo left us a couple months back, when we still living in old house.

AB said it is their time. We knew their life span is around 2 to 3 years, but it is pain. I hope KinKin, Aces and Bobo playing happily in hammy rainbow land. RIP

Mama loves you,


I'm in the office...

Work. But manage to go back home for quick lunch and Zohor. I expected today will be going to be a long day for me. But now I see that its going to be not that long. Aha....

Mainly because my boss not around. Yeayyy!! Means she less kacau me (but she called me twice, and sms me several times already.. but that better coz when she around, she will tailing me around). Big boss is here, but meeting has been cancelled and forward to next week.

I called one lady today. To negotiate on parking fees and spot in my housing area. Currently my car parked at the office, AB car parked at homey. I've been thinking that it more convenient if my car also park in the housing area. Easy if I need to run errand on weekend and didn't want to bother AB, I can drive my own car. Easy also if going back hometown and I don't have to ask AB to come with me to pasar or anywhere coz I can drive my car. Why? AB car is manual, my car is auto. Hahaha... I walk to office nowadays. Practically my car remained at the parking and I will make sure I go out and bring my car to ride 2-3 times a week. With changing the car park, AB can occasionally drive my car to his office. Now I wait that lady to return my call, arrange for viewing and bring home my car.

Simple fried mihun for breakfast and lunch
I hope today I wont need to stay back in office. I can foresee I wont be able to go on leave at least until end of Jan. Sigh~~ long way to go. My sacrifice for year end processing.

Hope can manage to be home before Maghrib, I have been looking forward for few days now to cook nasi tomato. Hehehe...

Till then,

Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Do's on first day of 2015

Today is 1st Jan 2015...

Just another day as usual. Just a different in year and date when I glance at my phone. Haha... It sounds like today has no significant to me. Indeed, I hope this year will be more easier to me and him, and everyone.

I do hope for some 'little gift' this year. Yes its a hope. But not to overstress myself on that matters. AB always said, don't bother by other people, Allah know the best for us. But I still cry when that matters brought up by anyone. Sigh......

Well, no good being emo and drama at this early started of the year. Enough of that. Life is all about up and down isn't it.

Today as usual woke up, then sleep somemore. Then laying while watching History Channel, cooking channel (I am a huge fan of cooking show and arts and history and I never say no when AB ask me to go Flea Market - this another story lah). I always have this habit of talking non-stop and meleret-leret keluar topic! Both of us really got up from bed at 1030am when I saw in whatapps group that my sis (Mrs CEO) is already on the way to my other sis house (Mrs Cool).

Breakfast? As simple as we like. I had toast with leftover curry from a day before yesterday while AB make himself a sandwich. Yes dia buat sendiri breakfast dia and I buat sendiri breakfast I. Hehe... I buat air nescafe dia je. Cepat-cepat mandi. Then my mom (Mrs President) call, beli cili! Cili umah kakak habis. Err.... I just grab my cili stock in the fridge together with one bottle of Pran Mango juice, 3 lollipop (AB bought when we went to Mercato last time but been lying around in the sweets jar, and a pack of Twisties (pon AB punya stock). Coz definitely we don't have time to stop any shop to bought jajan for PPG (Mrs Cool's powerpuff girls) and Nana. Then off we go to SB~~

Why SB? Coz Mrs Cool just about a week plus delivered an additional family members of ours, the 12th grandchild of my mom, a baby boy. A bundle of joy for the family since out of 12th kiddo's there only 3 boys in the family (include this newborn). Hahaha... We don't mind actually as long as the baby is healthy. We love them all. And that's the reason why mom has been here, and Mrs CEO is coming too with her family.

Welcome baby Aryan!
Lunch cooked by Mr Cool... then we rest while watching Chopped ramai-ramai. The kids main trampoline kat luar. Coming in for ice cream, then main lagi. Dua orang girls, but the noise, macam 5 orang tengah main! Hahaha... lagi dua girls main ipad, while Abam Lonk layan tv with us.

Me and AB tak stay lama. About 3pm kami balik. I got office work to do (yes it is sad to work on holiday... lucky work from home je). Tapi sempat kami singgah nursery along the road Sg Buloh, cari organic pesticide and fertility. Somehow tak tahu kenapa, my pokok cili daun nyer luruh... No, sekarang musim ujan kat Malaysia. Bukan autumn. Sampai je rumah, AB terus mengerjakan pokok-pokok tu.

LOL.. from left, 2 round pots of tomato, square pots of peria (baru semai) & 2pots of cili padi
Tomato... still baby
See? bawah daun tu? mites I think :'(

This one my Chinese friend said, money tree.. I just letak kat balkoni tu

Still small, but gigih I nak show up kan. Haha.. its an effort. Plus I just recently moved to this house. About 2month residing here. Ok lah kan. Hopefully ok lah lepas ni :-( sedih lah tengok pokok togel...

p/s: I already said I dream big isn't it? So this is one of the dreams, tanam pokok dalam pasu kat balkoni yang comel. Hehehe....

Till then,

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Wishing everyone a great year ahead.. Full of happiness and bundle of joy...

Eleanur & AB