Sunday, 4 January 2015

Be Wise?

Salam Maulidur Rasul for all Muslim in the world... Ya Nabi Salamun'alaik. May Rasulullah always live in our heart and life everyday. Amin...

Salam Maulidur Rasul
The day went through as normal for me. Visiting PIL with my mom and AB while on the way to Mrs CEO house. COD Shaklee to her (please refer my contact no for consultation and order). Play with Nana till midnight, repeatedly rearranging jigsaw puzzle with her, hold a 'toys convention' and talking. Hehe... she is a brainer and very talkative for her age. She told me, I want to be an artist when I grow up and also a masterchef. Err.... me and AB was quite worried. But actually what she meant is to be a painter, not actress or singer. LOL... silly me

Today I had a long discussion with boss. Yup! she called me. Been calling me since Saturday but I'm driving then I totally forgot to return her call until today afternoon. She talked about choices she asked me few weeks back. Honestly I've been thinking about that too...

Take it or leave it? I have no idea. Part of it is a good thing, its been my dream to hit it by the time I reach 30. But the responsibilities is huge. What about the offer from my ex-colleague? Qatar not nearby. And it is definitely a huge step to us. With the current situation I think I will stay here.

As I hinted before, my current situation is not easy. I live and enjoy my life as it is. But I wanted it to be more convenient. Not pay to pay basis. I dream of living with free debt. Yes, I'm being very honest now. I admit my mistakes in past. And I'm working hard to fix it now.

My plan now is to pay up and settle my debt. One at a time. If I calculate now roughly, I may be able to settle few and re-arrange for some to be on re-financing by end of 2015. Then maybe there is a chance for me to clear my record and try to purchase a house. That's next in the line. Don't ask me to buy a new car. I wont. What for? My car is in good condition, Alhamdulillah. AB's too. And I walk to office nowadays. I don't need fancy car. I need a good pair of shoes. And umbrella lah... Hehe... So for those who ask me to change car or show me any car advert, well it wont affect me. Someday in future yes but I can say I don't foresee it in the next coming a year or two.

House is another thing. As much as I wish I could have it now, I know that I cant. Clean up my record, and I can work on house later. Its funny when I think back, I try to buy a house when I single last time. Not yet married with AB. But my family was against it. But now, whenever they see me, house and car is what they ask. LOL... and I'm quite disappointed with someone I dearly love. Why it is always me... Why the need of such question... Why... I tried to forget but I cant. I don't know, but for me, I think I deserved to have my own life not arranged. I do everything I could to make everyone around me happy. Is it money that can make her happy, make everyone shut their mouth. Gosh.... I really hate when people act like they know everything and act like they are soooooooo damn good creatures. Please lah... as much as I still have my patience, please don't test my limit.

Respect me a bit even I'm younger. You're older doesn't mean you're wiser.

Sorry for the whining,

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