Friday, 2 January 2015


I'm in the office...

Work. But manage to go back home for quick lunch and Zohor. I expected today will be going to be a long day for me. But now I see that its going to be not that long. Aha....

Mainly because my boss not around. Yeayyy!! Means she less kacau me (but she called me twice, and sms me several times already.. but that better coz when she around, she will tailing me around). Big boss is here, but meeting has been cancelled and forward to next week.

I called one lady today. To negotiate on parking fees and spot in my housing area. Currently my car parked at the office, AB car parked at homey. I've been thinking that it more convenient if my car also park in the housing area. Easy if I need to run errand on weekend and didn't want to bother AB, I can drive my own car. Easy also if going back hometown and I don't have to ask AB to come with me to pasar or anywhere coz I can drive my car. Why? AB car is manual, my car is auto. Hahaha... I walk to office nowadays. Practically my car remained at the parking and I will make sure I go out and bring my car to ride 2-3 times a week. With changing the car park, AB can occasionally drive my car to his office. Now I wait that lady to return my call, arrange for viewing and bring home my car.

Simple fried mihun for breakfast and lunch
I hope today I wont need to stay back in office. I can foresee I wont be able to go on leave at least until end of Jan. Sigh~~ long way to go. My sacrifice for year end processing.

Hope can manage to be home before Maghrib, I have been looking forward for few days now to cook nasi tomato. Hehehe...

Till then,

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