Friday, 2 January 2015

Hujan di Petang Hari

Pagi tadi panas... sampai lah dekat pukul 430pm tadi..
Then hujan sangat lebat till I think I cant go back (budak pandai ada payung tapi lupa bawak).

By 7pm, I reach home.
AB was acting as usual. But his grin is suspicious. After I settle down a bit, he said to me that there is something upsetting and move towards 3rd room. Ok.... then he broke the news.

KinKin and Aces both.................
Huh?... that's only what I could say

KinKin in memory

Bobo the lovely boy

Aces (lying on the stomach) and Husky

Immediately the tears roll down and it cant stop.
Half an hour we sat together and cry. He said he noticed around 4pm he couldn't hear them playing. They was kicking and alive by the time I come back for lunch. They were playing happily when he give them treats this morning. I heard that too...

Its frustrating. KinKin has been with us for 2years. Aces is a twin, another one called Husky. Husky is fine. We separate them in different cage. We used to have Bobo too. Bobo left us a couple months back, when we still living in old house.

AB said it is their time. We knew their life span is around 2 to 3 years, but it is pain. I hope KinKin, Aces and Bobo playing happily in hammy rainbow land. RIP

Mama loves you,

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